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Plan International Nepal

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Project Period

December 2019 to March 2020

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Project Area

Sindhuli, Sunsari & Makwanpur

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Cross Cutting Issues

Health and Nutrition

Government of Nepal (GON) had made commitment to provide potable water supply and sanitation services to all by 2027. For this, GON had developed comprehensive WASH sector development plan with targets, approaches and road map for the holistic development of WASH sector as well as to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-6 by 2030..

 Plan International Nepal implements WASH related projects in Sunsari, Sindhuli and Makwanpur districts of Nepal.  It worked to improve and strengthen community and institutions level WASH services, practices and resilience; make sustainable and gender transformative  WASH service delivery as the  local and national agenda through the engagement of diverse stakeholders including WASH service providers, development agencies, community based organisations (CBOs) and private sector actors  in the project districts.

Objective of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment was to understand the scope and scenario of private sector engagement with public-private partnership or private management modality in community based WASH business and water supply service management to make WASH service system functional and sustainable.  

Services Provided by SW Nepal

SWN undertook the following activities:  

  1. Assess existing scenario, enabling environment, barriers, role and efficacy of private sector engagement in WASH business and water supply service management.
  2. Collect ideas, strategies, views on public private partnership, private management modality, and WASH sanitation and user committees with regards to ensuring functional and sustainable WASH services and management, and carry out their SWOT analysis.
  3. Assess enabling factors and barriers for the engagement of women in WASH business.

Output of the assignment

SWN deliverables for this assignment includes analysis of the information, key findings and recommendations that were shared in a comprehensive report designed to assess the enabling environment, inclusiveness, resilience, management system and capacity of private sector to improve functionality, sustainability and governance of WASH services and management.


WASH, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), WASH business, WASH services, Water Supply and Sanitation User Committees (WSUCs)