Support to NPTF Strategy Development (Workshop & Support to Task Force)

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EU support to Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF)

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April 2014 to May 2014

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Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF), a Joint Government-Donor instrument set up by the Government of Nepal (GoN) under the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR), has played a major role in the implementation of the CPA and in supporting the peace process.
NPTF is currently working towards formulation of a new strategy to replace its existing strategic directions and implementation agreement which has expired.


As a part of this strategic formulation work, the objective of this assignment was to support the NPTF task strategy force in developing improved M&E procedures, operational guidance for NPTF program focus and support extended Task Force meeting on strategy formulation.

Services provided by SW Nepal

In undertaking this assignment, SW Nepal team provided the following support to the task force:

a. Developing improved M & E procedures
• Presentation related to key challenges and strengths of the horizontal monitoring.
• Facilitation of group work on discussion of horizontal monitoring and outcome and impact monitoring.
• Taking notes from the workshop discussions and producing a workshop report.
b. Developing operational guidance for NPTF program focus
• Preparation of summary of findings and lessons learnt of horizontal monitoring of cluster 3 and 4 projects
• Presentations related to experience from Cluster 1+2, cluster 3 and cluster 4 projects
• Taking notes from group presentations and conclusions and producing a workshop/proceedings report.
c. Support to Task Force meeting
• Participated in discussion in the extended Task Force meeting to formulate NPTF’s strategy outline.