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USAID-Tayar Nepal

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Project Period

July 24, 2020- Sept 25, 2020

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Project Area

Bimeshwor Municipality, Dolakha, Nilkanta Municipality, Dhading, Tulsipur Sub-Metropolotan City, Dang, Rajapur Municipality, Bardiya, Birendranagar Municipality, Surkhet, Dully Municipality, Dailekh, Lamkichuha Municipality, Kailali, Godawari Municiaplit, Kalilali and Kathmandu.

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Practice Area


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Cross Cutting Issues


USAID’s Tayar Nepal – Improved Disaster Risk Management Project (Tayar Nepal) sought to strengthen the capacity of Nepal’s federal, provincial and local level institutions, which were responsible for disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery. This project was placed in the context of post-federalization and it aims to support formal and informal institutions across the various tiers of government.

At the local/Municipal level, Tayar Nepal supports eight urban Municipalities to help them develop risk sensitive land use plans that increase disaster resilience.


Objectives of the assignment

The overall objective of this baseline survey was to establish baseline information on DRRM Index parameters for Tayar Nepal project on DRRM. 

The specific objectives of this assignment was to collect, compile, analyze and report baseline information on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) capacity, practices, existing policies on selected indicators from household, municipalities and national level stakeholders, and results for Tayar Nepal

Key activities and services by SWN

SWN undertook the assessment inside the COVID-19 pandemic context. In doing so, a number of innovate approaches were considered. Accordingly, SWN undertook the following activities to meet stated objectives:

  • Develop plan of the processes and systems for data gathering in remove context, data cleaning, and analysis.
  • Provide training to the field researchers on study tools using Zoom platform
  • Present preliminary findings and final reports to Tayar Nepal and/or USAID Nepal.

 Outputs of the assignment

The assignment envisages establishing baseline information for Tayar Nepal Project on DRRM outcome indicators. The outputs of the assignment were detailed understanding of the disaster preparedness and other key areas of disaster risk reduction and management for 8 Municipalities. SWN is now adept in its understanding of the DRRM Index piloted by Tayar Nepal where it also contributed to its refinement from practical perspectives.


Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM, DRRM Index, DRRM Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Hazard, Baseline Survey, Municipality