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The World Bank, Nepal

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Project Period

May 2020 – June 2020

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Project Area

 Gorkha, Makwanpur, Rasuwa and Kavrepalanchowk Districts

practice area

Practice Area

Telephone/remote survey

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

The World Bank in Nepal supports Nepal Reconstruction Authority (NRA) for the earthquake housing reconstruction project (EHRP) – Additional Financing and Multi Donor Trust Fund. The Project objective is to restore earthquake affected houses with multi-hazard resistant core housing units in targeted areas and to enhance the government’s ability to improve long-term disaster resilience.

The project provides financial and technical assistance to the Government of Nepal for rural housing reconstruction.

Objectives of the assignment

Reconstruction has contributed significantly in the economy of the country, which is apparent in very good economic growth experienced by the country following the commencement of reconstruction of infrastructure affected by 2015 earthquakes. NRA’s housing reconstruction has generated economic activities and employment in a number of sectors and subsectors. Therefore, the current assignment seeks to understand and estimate the extent of the economic activities generated as a result of EHRP.

It order to mitigate the limitations set by the COVID-19 related restrictions on mobility and lockdown, the assignment is designed to replace the usual field-based surveys to telephone-based survey with 900 households in 4 project districts.

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Key activities and services being provided by SWN

This assignment results in an assessment of the economic activities generated as a result of housing reconstruction. In doing so, SWN provides the following services:

  1. Design and program questionnaire into a Kobo tool based data collection platform
  2. Train 2 other partner organizations on the use of data collection platform.
  3. Administer survey to 900 households in four districts via telephone using a comprehensive questionnaire.
  4. Clean, manage and analyze data from all three partner organizations with a total of 2700 observations.
  5. Prepare a comprehensive report providing insight on economic activities generated as a result of EHRP.
  6. Sharing of final report to relevant stakeholders.

Outputs of the assignment

  1. Develop a report with key dataset, findings, recommendations etc.
  2. Understanding and experience of undertaking remote survey assignments.

Key Words:

Telephone/remote survey, house reconstruction, kobo tool box, reconstruction economic activities and employment generated, Covid-19.