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People in Need (PIN), Czech Republic

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Project Period

February 2019–June 2020

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Project Area

30 integrated resettlement (IS) sites in 14 earthquake affected districts

The Durable Solutions-II is a DFID-funded program that supports the NRA by facilitating the implementation of integrated resettlement (IS) program to relocate the displaced households in safer areas. For the implementation of the project, SW Nepal is a technical (engineering) partner of consortium led by People in Need (PIN) with Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC).


Key objectives of this assignment are to undertake the following:

  • provide engineering support to assess feasibility, prepare site plan and detailed project report (DPR) for up to 30 selected locations .
  • carry out shelter reconstruction support and supervision throughout the full construction cycle
  • Provide support to orientation and training on landslide mapping and awareness events to local governments

Key activities and services Provided by SW Nepal

SWN team of experts undertake the following activities to meet the project deliverables:

  • Conduct detailed topographic survey of resettlement area including expert visits to access feasibility of integrated settlement.
  • Prepare detailed site plan for integrated resettlement of displaced households as per NRA Integrated Settlement Provision 2075. The site plans include detailed engineering designs and drawings of shelters, access infrastructures with adequate DRR, livelihood and resource management measures.
  • Coordination with beneficiaries, Local Government, NRA and other stakeholders to endorse and implement ISD.


SWN shall delivers a comprehensive site plan and DPR for up to 20 settlements along with shelter reconstruction support to households in those sites


Reconstruction, Integrated Shelter, Resettlement, Site Planning and DPR