Third party process and outcome monitoring

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UN World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal

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Project Period

June 2014 to December 2015

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Project Area

16 districts in Mid and Far Western districts of Nepal

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Practice Area

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Cross Cutting Issues

UN World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal has been involved in a number of programmes to support the vulnerable communities from areas affected by disaster and food insecurity especially in remote parts of Nepal. The new Country Programme 2013-2017 (CP) of WFP envisions continuing this support to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities prone to shocks and foster their food and nutrition security.
The CP has following four major interrelated components:
a. Component 1 – livelihood and asset creation (eg. road, foot trail, irrigation canal, drinking water supply etc)
b. Component 2 – education support
c. Component 3 – nutrition support
d. Component 4 – capacity development support
Under these components various projects/programs are being implemented in collaboration with different Cooperating Partners (CP) in 16 remote districts of Nepal

Services provided by SW Nepal

In this context, WFP Nepal assigned SW Nepal as an External Third Party to support them to undertake a monitoring of their implementation process and outcome level results mainly for first three components.

During the project period, two process monitoring and one outcome monitoring was carried out. In undertaking this assignment, SW Nepal team carried out following activities:
• Reviewed all programme documents, country strategy plan, log frame, indicators etc.
• Developed new & refined exiting outcome and process indicators.
• Developed & refined monitoring tools in consultation with the WFP & government line agencies.
• Determined sample size for monitoring and prepared detailed work plan.
• Carried out monitoring activities in 16 Mid and Far-Western districts of Nepal collecting both quantitative and qualitative data through Key informant interviews, consultations, focus group discussions, beneficiary surveys, Community Score Card, Coping Index etc.
• Performed data entry, analysis and monitoring reports preparation.