Listening to Advance Locally Led Development- An Activity of USAID/ Nepal’s Local Work Project

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Project Period

December 2021 to August 2022

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Project Area

IIam (Chulachuli RM), Morang (Sunwarshi RM), Sapatari (Khadak RM), Sarlahi (Kudena RM), Lalitpur (Mahakal RM), Lamjung (Madhya Nepal NP), Dang (Rajpur RM), Gulmi (Resunga NP), Mugu (Chayanath NP) and Achham (Kamalbazar)

practice area

Practice Area

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Socio-Economic Development, Marginalized and Vulnerable Communities, Localization

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

Governance, Public Policy, Risk Assessment, 

Scott Wilson Nepal was awarded the Listening Project to advance locally-led development under USAID/ Nepal’s Local Work Project. The Listening Project seeks to impart additional capacity and skills at the local level through the Local Work initiative, a locally-led program supporting the journeys of the underprivileged and marginalized to self-reliance.

SWN facilitates the project with a dedicated professional team ‘to listen’ for the potential Local Works identified by the marginalized and vulnerable segment of communities as they express their views to ‘be heard’, a very important element in the listening loop (see below).


The overall objective of the listening project is to better target and understand the needs of marginalized and vulnerable community members in the selected 10 municipalities. The specific objectives are to:

  • Hear and document the voice of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups for the communities
  • Identify local priorities and opportunities
  • Identify two local actors in each municipality
  • Facilitate future Local Works Fund Awards

Services Provided by SW Nepal

SWN applies a qualitative subject-oriented process and activities targeting the marginalized and vulnerable communities of the 10 targeted municipalities from all seven provinces to achieve the objectives. The key activities SWN is undertaking includes:

  • Co-creation of the listening framework with USAID/Nepal team.
  • Develop criteria to identify the local level organizations with whom USAID may engage in potential future Local Works Interventions
  • Provide orientation to the listening team members (local level consultants and USAID listening tour team members)
  • Conduct listening tour sessions
  • Presentation in Municipal and National level debriefing
  • Evaluation of local actors and offer recommendations
  • Prepare final listening tour report including major findings and recommendations in both Nepali and English languages
  • Share Nepali version of the final report with constituents in follow up sessions
  • Provide technical support to identified local level organizations to develop concept notes for the Local Work project.
Listening Sunawarshi
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Listening Exercise Achham
Listening Exercise Mugu