Nepal is following the path of modernization and development. Despite of national and international expenditure Nepal still facing the increase in income inequality. Due to the political instability, Nepalese economy and development activities are remarkably affected. Economic growth is a means towards human development rather than an end in itself. In today’s Nepal, citizen demands for inclusion, participation, and autonomy constitute a claim to more freedoms, more choices and more options than they have hitherto known ensuring the rights of poor and the excluded calls for changes in policies and laws and their proper enforcement.
With the new Constitution of Nepal 2015, Nepal is expecting to change the socio economic development process with guaranteed right, economic decentralization, shifting resources to pooper geographic.
SW Nepal has provided its skills, knowledge and expertise in the process of socio-economic development of Nepal. Our past assignment shows the involvement, capability and expertise in socio-economic development. SW Nepal has completed assignments which directly contribute to the development of the nation. We have provided our skills, knowledge and expertise in poverty reduction, employment generation, gender equality with technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation.

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