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sreyendra purus dhakal
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Mr. Sreyendra Purush Dhakal

Data Analyst
Sreyendra P. Dhakal is a Data Analyst at SW Nepal and has over 2 years of specialized experience in data analytics, macro-economic policy research and analytical report writing. Currently, he is working on a UN WFP funded outcome monitoring assignment to analyze the situation and impact of their education support project in Western Nepal.

Sreyendra is passionate about extracting actionable insights from data to help improve the way people work and think. Before working at SW Nepal, he was engaged in designing machine learning algorithms to recommend strategic policy decisions and in analyzing road safety data for the Asia-Pacific region. He is proficient in statistical modelling, regression analysis and econometric research.

When not thinking of inventive ways to understand data, he enjoys composing music and reading books on astrophysics and microbiology. Technically, Sreyendra is an Economist and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Lawrence University, USA.