SWN Goes Green

At Scott Wilson Nepal, we believe that sustainable alternative systems hold huge potential for improving livelihoods and empowering those marginalised groups. However in order for us to be able to provide these services we must first learn and fully understand them
ourselves. As such we have begun several pilot projects using systems and materials that we see as highly promising in the Nepali context.

Lime testing at Scott Wilson Nepal

Lime is an ancient building material with huge benefits and wide applications. Its applicability in flood resilient buildings due to stability in water, historic buildings due to its compatiblity with historic materials and buildings with sustainable materials such as...

Lime Construction on Progress

At SWN we are learning to work with lime! This material is rooted in our culture however it has gone out of use in recent decades, overshadowed by cement concrete.

Electric Scooter

SW Nepal now boasts a new electricity run scooter, a stylish and bright red to match the spirit of our young staff team.

Hydroponics System Testing at the Office

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water based nutrient rich solution where root system is supported by  inert mediums such as gravels. Likewise  acquaponics is  a combination of aquaculture (growing edible fishes) and hydroponics (growing plants...

Sustainability at the office

We believe it’s very important for a firm to practice what they preach. As such we have strived to make our office as environmentally friendly as possible. Our whole office is solar powered; kitchen waste is all composted (now in our new Vermicompost); we...


SW Nepal sees the huge potential in hydroponic (vegetable only) and aquaponic (vegetable and fish) grow systems. These systems allow plants to be grown without the use of good quality soil, making...


A key sustainable principle is to try and minimise waste and wherever possible either reuse it or turn it into something more valuable (upcycle). This is why vermicomposting (composting with the aid of worms) systems are so appealing to us. Vermicomposting...